To Connect a REELEX Machine to a Network

REELEX machine connectivity is handled via the HMI. There are two methods of connectivity: raw Modbus data (both read and write) and the built-in webserver. For more information, please consult the G2/G3 HMI manual here.

Accessing via Web Browser

To access the HMI touchscreen or log data via web browser, simply type the IP address you have assigned to HMI into your browser.

Accessing Modbus Data 

Raw Modbus data can be accessed by configuring the HMI with a Modbus port (usually 502).


  1. Supply an ethernet connection to the inside of the HMI cabinet. The port for the ethernet connection is located under the HMI touch screen unit.

  2. Press the “Help” button on the left side of the screen, then press “System Settings & Info” on the bottom of the help menu.

  3. Press the “Configure Network” button and enter in your network information. Make sure you press the green "apply" button to apply the IP settings to the ethernet port.

G2/G3 Controls and HMI Manual

Access the manual here.