Maintenance Performed by Licensee:

Aside from mandrels and endforms, components used in REELEX machines are similar to components used in other common machinery in the wire and cable industry. As a part of the commissioning process of every REELEX machine, the REELEX commissioning technician will provide training to the Licensee’s maintenance personnel for performing troubleshooting and routine maintenance.

REELEX machines have an extensive onboard troubleshooting system that can identify many common problems. In addition, service assistance from REELEX by phone or email is always available and always free.

Licensees are expected to employ mechanical and electrical maintenance personnel with adequate training and experience to work in a manufacturing facility. Specialized training is not required.

Once some minimal experience is acquired with REELEX machinery, most common problems can routinely be handled by Licensee’s maintenance personnel. In the rare cases where a REELEX technician is needed, they can be dispatched with very little notice.

Components/Issues that can be serviced by Maintenance Personnel:

  • Wiring

  • Motors

  • Drives, including tuning procedure (Call REELEX for assistance if necessary)

  • Connections

  • Sensors

  • Encoders

  • Power supply

  • Mechanical issues

  • Springs, Bushings, Valves, etc.

  • Lubrication and preventative maintenance

  • Circuit Board Exchanges

Components/Issues that should be serviced by REELEX Personnel:

  • Mandrel/Endform alignment, irregularities, unbalanced operation

  • Traverse defects or improper movement

  • Circuit board components

  • Coil formation issues (no hole, inconsistent winding pattern)