If you are currently having cable manufactured and packaged by a REELEX Licensee and your packages are not printed or labeled with the REELEX trademark logo, it is the responsibility of the manufacturer to supply you with the logo. 

Per the license agreement, all packages made using REELEX technology should have the logo affixed somewhere on the package.

OEM Trademark Usage

For OEMs who are using genuine REELEX technology via using a supplier licensee, REELEX offers a trademark license agreement. This agreement allows well-known OEMs to become genuine REELEX trademark licensees in exchange for committing to using only genuine REELEX licensees as suppliers. Besides ensuring that the packaging is genuine REELEX and is not under threat of patent infringement, this agreement allows REELEX to confirm that an OEM is lawfully using REELEX patents while helping promote the OEM’s brand.

OEM Trademark Agreement

In order to be fair to all parties, adding OEM to the licensee list would require OEM itself to become a licensee. By having signed a separate “OEM” license agreement with REELEX, the OEM would legally be identified as a licensee of REELEX’s trademarks (the OEM is already using REELEX technology via suppliers).

Learn more about REELEX's trademark license agreement here.