What is it?

The REELEX Logo is a visual trademark that must be printed on all packaging containing REELEX technology. This requirement is outlined in all REELEX license agreements, though the logo itself has evolved over the years.

License Agreement Obligation

License agreement language has changed subtly over the years, however all agreements include the following language. This is typically found in either Section VIII or Section XI and normally reads as follows:

"LICENSEE agrees that it shall label all Packages produced pursuant to this Agreement, whether labeled as being manufactured by the LICENSEE or private label or otherwise, with the "REELEX” trademark…"

Besides being contractually obligated via the license agreement to print the mark on all REELEX packages, this logo is an important indicator that your company produces quality product and that the package will perform the way installers expect it to.

Other Reasons

The majority of counterfeit, knockoff and non-compliant twisted-pair cabling on the market today is sold in boxes that look just like REELEX packaging. To help educate the industry about these cables, REELEX has joined with the CCCA (Communications Cable and Connectivity Association), whose mission includes informing end-users about counterfeit and non-compliant cable.

These poor-quality cables use imitation REELEX coiling methods that knot, tangle and cause cable damage, while the cables themselves can cause significant issues ranging from signal loss to fire hazards.

The license trademark can be placed anywhere on the package and in any size or color as long as the text is legible. This trademark serves several purposes:

  • To identify to the user that the package contains a genuine REELEX coil which will perform as expected and is far less likely to tangle or snag as products packaged using counterfeit REELEX methods.

  • To indicate that the coil is packaged using a patented and licensed method utilizing the intellectual knowledge of REELEX Packaging Solutions, Inc.

  • To protect the licensee’s investment in REELEX by indicating the utilization of the brand and thereby the legal protection, marketing advantages and authenticity of quality the REELEX brand logo represents.

  • To certify to end-users that they are purchasing a genuine, quality product in a genuine, quality package from an honorable and honest company.

By printing the REELEX mark on all REELEX packaging, manufacturers can defend their investment in the REELEX system and protect against counterfeiting, while proving honesty and integrity to their customers.

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