Gains set too high, causing low wind density.

  • Lower gain settings to decrease negative space in the coil. Try decreasing both upper and lower ratios by 10.
  • Gains are too low, causing layers to sit atop one another. Consult packaging charts for minimum and maximum gains per product OD.

Tension too low, causing the layers of the coil to be loose.

  • Increase tension settings to recommended pressures. Check gauge at the Dancer air pressure regulator for consistent pressure. Standard REELEX Dancer with 5 over 4 (15 inch) sheaves should have no more than 15 PSI and vary no more than 2 PSI while running.
  • Adjust or replace regulator as needed. The regulator must be REELEX part # FRL-REG/NU10060 (relieving type regulator) or equivalent. 

Hole Size setting too large, causing the coil to be irregularly shaped.

  • Adjust the Hole Size setting so that the coil produces a hole that is only slightly larger than the payout tube diameter. This setting may vary depending on product type, diameter and coiling conditions.
  • Use Density setting