Upon receiving your new REELEX, there are a few items we require of our customer for the time of commissioning:


  • REELEX equipment runs on 230V (+/-10%), 3 phase, 40A, 50/60Hz power.
  • If needed, a transformer can be purchased from REELEX with advanced notice, or can be sourced locally.


  • Must be a minimum of 75psi.
  • Air must be clean and dry. No inline pneumatic oilers.

Machine set in place

  • Machine must be assembled in place where it will be ran.
  • Machine must be bolted to the floor and level prior to technician arrival.

Sufficient materials

  • Cable, boxes, tubes, and glue (if applicable) must be provided for testing
  • REELEX advises a minimum of 100,000 feet of cable for testing
  • For D-2000 and D-2050 commissioning, REELEX advises a minimum of 500,000 feet
  • It is advised to have a couple reels of scrap cable for initial machine setup and testing before using production cable.

Personnel available for training

  • REELEX strongly recommends having personnel available for training, even if you are an existing REELEX customer.
  • Maintenance personnel should be made available, both electrical and mechanical. Our technicians will be able to train maintenance on component names, locations, operations, and troubleshooting issues. This should help make acclimating to REELEX equipment a bit easier. Help from REELEX over the phone and via email are free, but knowing some of the basics will help aid REELEX in helping you.
  • Machine operators should be made available for training, preferably the operators who will be operating your newly commissioned machine. Our technicians will go through proper operating procedures with them.
  • Questions during the commissioning process are encouraged. Feel free to ask the REELEX technician any questions you may have during the commissioning. ¬†

QC testing time for LAN cable manufacturers

  • A large market for REELEX equipment is the datacom industry. REELEX strives to make every customer completely satisfied, A large part of that satisfaction comes from knowing the product wound on our equipment not only fits in the box tangle free, but also knowing the product in that box will perform as it should when the end user receives it. REELEX strongly suggests having time in the Quality Control lab available for testing completed products to ensure cable passes its electrical testing.

Equipment Acceptance sheet

  • After commissioning has been completed and prior to technician departure, an Equipment Acceptance sheet must be filled out. This sheet is shipped inside of your product manual and will be filled out by the technician at the facility, as well as someone in management at the customer facility. A copy can be made and kept for your records, but the original wet copy will be brought back to REELEX¬†with the technician.