REELEX uses DYNAPAR optical quadrature encoders for all of their applications. Different machines use different resolution encoders. All Dynapar encoders have their part numbers located on the casing of the encoder itself. *Dynapar Optical Encoders*

DYNAPAR 2400 PPR: Encoder Data Sheet (ENCODE-25GN)

The 2400 PPR encoder lives on “Generation One” D-750’s, D-1500’s and D-1000’s. It’s responsible for detecting the angular displacement of the spindle and traverse motor shafts.

DYNAPAR 240 PPR:  Encoder Data Sheet (ENCODE-240PPR)

  • Some “Generation One” D-1500’s and D-1000’s have been converted to 240PPR encoders. We found that in certain circumstances the high resolution encoders (2400ppr) caused the machine to have a difficult time achieving certain positions.

    • All PC (“Generation Two”) platform based machines use 240PPR encoders.These machines are the RS-1, D-750, D-1500, D-20XX

DYNAPAR 500 PPR:   Encoder Data Sheet (ENCODE-500PPR)

  • The D-20XX using a 500PPR encoder on the machine’s boxing table. It should be noted that on the D-2050 positioning resolution performance has decreased.